Sunday, October 12, 2008

Book Review Blog Carnival Second Edition

Novel Bloggers

The second edition of the Book Review Blog Carnival was posted this morning at Novel Bloggers. My review of Suze Rotelo's "A Freewheelin' Time" is part of the carnival, along with a plethora of other reviews. Go take a look. Your books to read list will grow.

The next edition will be on Books Books and More Books on October 26th. If you would like to participate, submit your book review at


  1. I've finally gotten around to submitting a post for your blog carnival. Please let me know what I need to put on my site to promote your event.

    Thanks for the invitation!


  2. Margaret,

    The current carnival, freshly posted today, is at

    If you want to post a link to it in your blog, that would be great.

    When the next one come out on the 26th, your post will be included and I will email you a link to that UFL as well.

    Email me a the address up in the sidebar and I will send you some code for a sidebar link widget, with graphic, if you want.



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