Sunday, February 1, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty Day Wekend Spectacular

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd is the biggest holiday in Blogtopia, Blogroll Amnesty Day. Blue Gal, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Jon Swift have banded together, once again, to organize an extended international Blogroll Amnesty Day celebration. Here, in Skippy's words, is how you can participate:

the basic rule for blogroll amnesty day weekend is simply this: take a moment to write a post linking to (and pointing out to your readers) 5 blogs w/traffic smaller than yours. this inclusive and magnanimous yet easy-to-do gesture will not only expose your readers to new voices and those voices to new readers, it will foster a sense of community, support and all-around kumbaya amongst the progressive infrastructure.

I'm all for kumbaya, being a big Pete Seeger fan, so here is my entry. By the way, I have no idea who's traffic is bigger or smaller than mine, so I'm just linking to blogs I like. These are all contributors to the Book Review Blog Carnival.

The most recent post on Becky's Book Reviews is actually about collecting records, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and like that. She doesn't mention Sammy Davis Jr, an important member of that group of pop singers of the 40s and 50s and "rat pack" member. She makes up for it by including Louis Armstrong, a musician in a class by himself.

In At Home With Books you can read, today, about ignoring the blaring sound of the Superbowl while trying to read on the sofa, the challenge of reading under the influence of tryptophan and the soporific effect of NASCAR. Oh yes, and there are a couple of books thrown in.

Into The Wardrobe, a blog named in reference to the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis, will tell you, this morning, about this year's winners of the Sidney Taylor Book Awards which recognize the best in Jewish children's literature.

Living the Scientific Life, rather unexpectedly sports a LOLcat on it's top post from yesterday, in honor of the "birfday" of the blog's author, GirlScientist.

The Library at the End of the Universe has a review of a novel, The Ruins by Scott Smith. The blog's author, Penelope, didn't like the book. I, however, did like the review.

You can join in the Blogroll Amnesty Day fun, too. Just write a post linking to five deserving blogs and drop Jon or Skippy an email with your post's URL. You will get a link from their almost A list blogs in return.


  1. Thanks for the link! This looks like fun - I'll have to post later today.

  2. Good idea--even if Almost 'A' List may be a misnomer for mine, since I've only been going a short time. Check it out at There's books and writing on it and everything--if you have time in between paying those overdue fines!

  3. Lucy,

    Whatever list you blog is on, I hope you will participate. Post some links to some good blogs and help your neighbor find a few new readers.


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