Sunday, June 13, 2010

Carnival of Maryland Visits a Book Blog

I'm taking a little detour from my usual course, today, to host the unofficial blog carnival for bloggers in my home state of Maryland.

Politics, Hon:

According to John Frenaye at Eye On Annapolis, Annapolis Housing Authority chairman, Carl Snowden Arrested For Third DUI Offense.

OM, of Insane Baltimore, thinks that Café Hon and the Remington Wal-Mart may not be a match made in Heaven.

Mad Anthony respectfully disagrees with Richard Florida of the Wall Street Journal. Correlation vs. Causation, or why home ownership isn't wrecking the economy....

Red Maryland points out the shortcomings of political polling using the recent Rasmussen poll on the Maryland Governor's race as an example.

Budget woes have put a stop to zoning ordinance revisions in Prince George's County, according to Creating a Jubilee County.

What's Happenin':

Soccer Dad is missing his ferret but I do not wish to find it. Maybe it's with the snake.

J.C. Nemecek's flower garden has been received a surprise gift .

Bar Bitch Talks Tips at Eye On Annapolis.

The Shores of Delmarva has a list of 18 newly discovered laws of nature. "Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about."

Maybe You Should Try This:

Heading out to BWI for your family vacation trip? Travel Musings has a few tips for Air Travel with Kids and Pets.

Swamp Thing, of the River Mud Blog, takes you on a fishing trip somewhere in northeastern Maryland.

Susan Coghlan recommends birth charts as baby gifts on RedWrites.

The Carnival of Maryland is looking for participating bloggers and hosts for future editions. Our next carnival will be hosted by J.C. Nemecek on June 27th. You can submit a post to the carnival by clicking on this link. Send me an email at the address in the sidebar if you would like to be a carnival host.

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  1. It's not my ferret, but thanks for the mention.

  2. I'm glad it's not your ferret. Is the snake yours?


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