Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Today is Blogroll Amnesty Day. Blogroll Amnesty Day was started by Jon Swift, a satirical mock conservative blogger who was upset when a group of bigshots in the liberal blogosphere decided to give themselves an amnesty and purge their blogrolls of lesser fry.

Jon Swift's real world counterpart, Al Weisel, passed away last year, leaving us all at a loss without his pointed wit and neoconservative leadership. Fortunately Skippy the Bush Kangaroo,  whom I suspect of  being a group effort by a bunch of grad students or unemployed journalists, has stepped in to keep Blogroll Amnesty Day alive. The idea is to increase readership of small (and dare I say liberal) blogs through mutual linkage and guerrilla SEO. I am not concerned one way or another about the politics of the bloggers I link to here, but I do want to share the wealth.

If you would like to participate, here are the rules:

1. Write a Blogroll Amnesty Day post and, in it, link to 5 blogs that have less traffic than yours.

(How do I know how much traffic somebody else's blog has? Never mind, I'm going to link to five new "followers" on Blogspot and hope for the best.)

2. Forward a link to Skippy the Bush Kangaroo so your post can be included in one of his/her/their updates, which will be posted on Skippy over the next four days.

3. Don't say that nobody's blog is smaller than yours, that's whining and Skippy is sick of hearing it. (and also claims to have the copyright)

4. This year's Blogroll Amnesty Day is dedicated to Jon Swift aka Al Weisel, so it might be nice of you mentioned that fact .

OK, so here we go:

Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews Laurie is a book reviewer who favors indie and small press authors. She might even want a copy of your ebook, but I would ask first before emailing it.

Alison Can Read, which is a good thing and I'm happy for her. She also has one of those big eyed Japanese manga characters for an avatar. Alison is into manga and YA fiction.

The Crazy Bookworm Bloggers who follow me on Google Friend Connect tend to be book bloggers, becausee of the nature of this blog, lately they tend to be participants in a couple of blog hops that I have tried. This is one of those.

Book Purring I don't know how Samita found me but I suspect it was through one of those blog hops. She appears to be into chick lit. To each her own.

WordsinSinc is running what is billed as the "Weekend Creation Blog Hop" this weekend.  While I'm at it let me introduce a couple more blog hop hosts:

Crazy for Books hosts a book blogger blog hop every weekend. If you write about books you are invited to participate. You will be asked to write a post on some question posed by one of the Crazy for Books bloggers and you copy and paste a link to the hop and use a linkytool to get a link back to your post.

The Blue Bookcase bills itself as a "literary" blog and runs a "literary" blog hop every other week. If you hold your pinky up while sipping your tea you qualify.

If you would like to be a part of Blogroll Amnesty Day, have at it. You can email Skippy to get a link code to the above graphic, so you don't have to host it on your blog, if  you want. Don't forget to email Skippy anyhow so you can be counted in the 2011 B.A.D. census. (Remember not to whine about the smallness of your blog)

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