Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going Rogue

An American Life
Sarah Palin

I read Going Rogue so you don't have to.

As I understand it Sarah Palin locked herself in an apartment somewhere in California and banged this book out on her laptop in about six weeks. That's pretty darned fast by golly!

Other than some very colorful stuff about growing up in Alaska, eating God's creatures that found their place next to the potatoes and carrying firewood up the the woodstove in the family room above the garage in order to watch The Brady Bunch in comfort I learned:

Everything that went wrong with the McCain campaign was the fault of staffers who were trying to control the message and the VP candidate.

Katie Couric was out to get her in order to save her own faltering TV career.

The real answer to the famous "what newspapers do you read" question is AM radio talk shows.

Palin made surreptitious calls to Rush Limbaugh from the campaign bus.

McCain campaign "headquarters" scuttled the McCain campaign in their attempt to suppress Sarah Palin. They should have let her do her own thing.

She doesn't like fancy clothes and would rather have worn her thirft shop wardrobe on the campaign trail.

They told her to take those clothes home. She didn't want them.

People can be really mean. (Actually I already knew this.)

Obama is still really a secret terrorist and he is behind all the bogus ethics charges leveled against Palin since before she was tapped for the McCain campaign, including Troopergate.

Sarah Palin dresses up as Tina Fey for Halloween. (How can you tell she's in costume?)

Saturday Night Live was fun, especially the Sarah Palin Rap scene.

What bridge to nowhere? Never heard of it.

Conservatives are high minded and don't run dirty campaigns. Lee Atwater, who's that?

Todd is still hot.

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