Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Lemonade

Kindelicious has given me the Lemonade Award for showing great attitude and gratitude. Now I'm supposed to pass this award on to at least ten other blogs who show similar attitude and gratitude.

On the other hand, I just kicked Entrecard off my blog. My attitude may be a bit sour just at this moment. I have met some outstanding bloggers through my association with Entrecard, but the burden or working their system has also interfered with my ability to effectively manage and post to my blogs.

When the world hands you lemons, make lemonade, the old saying goes.

I want to give this award to the best lemonade maker I know, JohnC of Life Onwards.

Shinade of The Painted Veil deserves this award. She has been a good friend and now she needs her friends' support to help her through a rough spot. She has good music on her blog, too.

Silvie Dixie of A Glimpse of La Rochelle has been a steadfast friend to a whole community of bloggers at FuelMyBlog.

Scott at My Thermos gets an award for occasionally making me stop and think.

Carol at Bass-ically Speaking gets the lemonade stand, too. Solidarity forever, sister.

A special mention to Turnip at Turnip of Power, a blog that gives real, good advice to aspiring bloggers, rather than warmed over gruel and hype.

Mudge at Left Handed Compliment seems to need a nudge. Bro, don't forget your blog!

Sugar Queen, we're praying for you, gal. Get well and post when you can.

That's eight, not "at least ten" blogs. I'm not good at following directions.


  1. Thank you Rotus, just when I thought I'd better post a little something on my blog!
    Thank you so very much, I will try to post on this too hopefully over the Christmas period.
    Have a lovely holiday and Merry Christmas!

  2. Isn't this a cute award? Very apropos for the holiday season, I think! And I loved your choices for passing it on. :)

  3. Don't feel sad about getting rid of Entrecard. It takes a lot of time with not enough serious readers. Congratulations on the Lemonade award.

  4. hi, Congrats for the Lemonade Award and hv a good weekend..!

  5. Thanks Clark. You made me think again. :) Happy holidays where you are.

  6. MytMouse, you ought have a lemonade stand, too. I forgot to include you, sorry. BTW I don't feel bad about dropping Entrecard. It's a good idea that just doesn't work well enough, yet. Maybe they'll figure it out.

    John, you are an inspiration.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

  7. Because life is random, I have taken the liberty of randomly tagging you. I actually thought the subject was more challenging than it seemed.


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