Thursday, January 13, 2011

What Draws You To It?

Book Blogger Hop

Over at Crazy for Books the question of the week is:

"Why do you read the genre that you do? What draws you to it?"

I'm not married to any one genre but lately I seem to be drawn toward non-fiction titles. I'm not sure why that is. I remember, when we were kids, my brother asking me why he should read whatever fiction title it was that I was gushing about "when it isn't even true." Maybe I'm becoming an old curmudgeon as he was a young one, although I find that there is much on the non-fiction shelves that isn't even true, also.

I think it's time for me to indulge in a nice crime novel.


  1. Hopping by to say Hi! I'm a huge YA fan and you can find me blogging here if you want to stop by:

  2. Hi,
    Just hopping by and following through. I read a eclectic mix of genres though I do have favourites.

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  3. Stopping by from over at the hop to say hello, nice to meet you, I've enjoyed my visit.

  4. Hopping by! I'm your newest follower. ^-^

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  5. Hi! Hoppin' on through. I am your newest follower. Hop on over to my blog

  6. Book becomes our escape from reality regardless the genre. :) You can read my answer at Clandestine Sanctuary. Have a great weekend!

    Btw, I'm your newest follower.

  7. Found you on the hop. Is that Jimmy Durante in the sketch under your header? I used to see him on tv when I was a kid (yeah, I'm old). I never really understood what he was famous for, but I still love him!

  8. Yes, that's Jimmy Durante. He was a fairly famous early jazz musician before he became an actor and a comedian. He led the Original Dixieland Jazz Band for a while.

  9. Oh yea, "Ill Never Forget The Day I Read A Book" was one of Jimmy Durante's novelty songs.

  10. Here I am hopping on by...

    I went all over the map with this question on my blog. I read and enjoy almost every genre of fiction out there. There’s no way I could just pick one.

    So I talked about all of them. Even romance fiction (sort of)! I invite you to hop over to my blog at and see for yourself.

    Howard A. Sherman

  11. I read more than one genre. But there are a few genres I don't read. Come see what I do and don't read.

  12. I think our tastes should change as we get older,I mean I don't still read Beverly Cleary's
    Ramona books anymore but they were alot of fun as
    a kid.

  13. LOL! Yep, even the non-fiction is fiction. Our history books aren't history either! People keep changing the history we grew up with. My home town is included in that. There is so much more evidence being uncovered that we need to start over with 9th grade, or maybe even 7th!

    Watched the History Channel lately? OMG, pure conjecture and little else! "Wait, it says HISTORY!"

    Novels do seem to be safer reading these days. :)

  14. Just hopping through and hoping you're enjoying your weekend so far. You can find my HOP answer and FEVERfest recap at The Bookish Snob

  15. Hopping through. New follower!
    In recent years, I've read mostly YA but non-fiction is a favorite of mine. I'm a history buff so I've read lots of David McCullough, David Hacket Fisher, Joseph Ellis, etc books. Also love Bill Bryson.
    My Hop


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