Thursday, January 6, 2011

What got me started?

Literary Blog Hop
This week's question, posed by The Blue Bookcase is

"How did you find your way to reading literary fiction and nonfiction?"

That's a hard question for me to answer. I read books like For Whom The Bell Tolls and even Ulysses while still in elementary school, not that I understood Joyce. My mother took us all on regular visits to the Concord, MA public library, which was, in my memory, an enormous place, chock full of every book imaginable. Nobody told me that I couldn't read anything I wanted to so I did.

My reading habits have been regressing ever since. Soon I'll be reading nothing but comic books.


  1. Ha ha! I also read quite indiscriminately when I was young and still do, really!

  2. Ha ha, I also read quite indiscriminately when I was young, and I guess I still do!

  3. Of course, I also read all of the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift and MAD Magazine.

  4. I think judgement comes later, when young you just voraciously devour whatever comes your way.

  5. There really is some truth to the "nobody told me that I couldn't" line. I can't imagine reading Ulysses in elementary school though!

  6. Funny!

    My friend told me yesterday that they are now saying that whole milk is better for you than 1% milk. It tastes much better, doesn't it? she said. That's one way you know it is good for you.

    Not sure what all that has to do with reading....

    I'm a new follower! (I thought I was an old follower, but no.)

    Here is my post for the Blog Hop.

  7. Ulysses in grade school? Holy Mary! I'm reading that this February (at 30) and I'm still worried I won't understand it. :) My thoughts are at eclectic/eccentric

  8. Sadly, my sisters and I were about the only readers in our brothers didn't want any part of books. :)

    What wonderful answers and stories from everyone.

    My story is at:

  9. Trisha, I tried reading it again a couple of years ago and found it heavy sledding. I just didn't know any better.


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